need true partners to help them navigate competitive markets, so we focus on quickly determining if there is a fit with the services we provide.

We don’t try to be everything to everyone
like many agencies and dev shops attempt to be.

Custom Software

Staff Augmentation

Venture Feeder

Trust The Process

For all the 76ers fans out there, you understand that sticking to a sound process regardless of the distractions is key for long term success. We took the same approach when defining the way we wanted to provide the biggest possible impact for our partners.

Big Systems Experience + Lean Startup
= Best of Both Worlds

Custom Software

Our Passion and Experience
Developing tailor-made software solutions enabling entrepreneurs to hit desired milestones and accelerated growth.

Our core executive team has over 35 years of taking on large complex systems initiatives for clients like Johnson and Johnson, Merck and the Nasdaq, but also extensive experience competing against large industry leaders with small scrappy startups trying to carve out their piece of the market.

The Approach
We focus on building what your product needs right now while putting an infrastructure in place that you’ll be able to easily scale into for the future.

Technical Range
In today’s business environment the product you started out with might evolve into something completely unexpected further into your companies lifecycle. So whether you need mobile app development, complex web solutions or connected hardware devices, we have the experience to thoughtfully navigate that journey with you.

Everyone’s story is unique!
You need team members
agile enough to build solutions specifically
for the niche requirements
of your industry.

Staff Augmentation

Parallel Development
Running alongside an existing development team to quickly attain big milestones is an opportunity to put on display our flexibility and depth of technical competency. We are capable of jumping right in and getting up to speed with the existing infrastructure in order to keep projects on track and deadlines hit.

Technical Founders
Obviously not every founding team is non-technical, but at certain points of the growth cycle, even a sound technically founded company will feel the pain of scaling their product. CTOs looking to code less and manage more will enjoy leveraging our team along with fresh perspectives to finish projects faster and with better outcomes. We have served as founders/operators for multiple projects and can not only provide extra dev muscle but also serve as a strategic partner to help work through difficult problem sets to put the current fires out while building to prevent future ones.

Firms that have the relationship with the client and simply need a reliable partner to build off an RFP, we can serve as your Swiss army knife by providing transparent communication and an overall smooth experience with a fully onshore engineering team based in Tampa, Florida.

Ongoing Support
E2G will stay along for the ride as long as you need us to and provide a smooth transition process for when you look to bring on your in-house team. We will even help vet future team members to make sure you make the best decision possible for new hires.

We take your future success personally and want to make sure we do everything in our power to provide an optimum jumping off point for your team to continue its accelerated growth.

Venture Feeder

In our pursuit to provide maximum impact to the tech ecosystems we operate in, E2G partners with larger investment groups to serve as a feeder of potential candidates for their portfolios.

Many times these investment groups will send us companies and teams that they really like, but are simply ‘too early’ for them at the point in time, however with a few milestones hit, could be ripe for their investment.

We provide added value to these investment groups because we are able to work with startups in the trenches and get a great sense for how the team operates and executes on a daily basis. Ultimately these insights further de-risk the investment for groups investment in early stage companies and can shorten the timeline for deployed capital into a startup.

Brainstorming is Free!

We’d love to chat about the stage that your startup is in currently and how we might be able to help you reach the next company milestone. If we aren’t a fit for now, we’d be happy to help direct you to someone in our network that can.