Growing companies require speed, agility and vision, so we focus on first aligning our unique set of experiences and skills with your short and long term milestones.

Whether you require a product build out from scratch, an augmentation to your current development team, white labeling to take advantage of a new revenue opportunity or a rescue mission to get a project back on track – our team has the technical breadth and capacity to accelerate your companies growth.

Our team has spent years building custom apps for our own startups and clients. Anything you can think of whether it’s for iOS or Android, we’ve built it and maintained it.

Our biggest focus when starting the conversation with you is making sure the product and business initiatives are fully aligned. We go beyond the spec sheet to hone in on the industry problem you are looking to solve.

A product is never fully finished and many times after your project goes live is where the real work begins – our team stays onboard to keep your systems current with consistent updates and iterations to keep your customers happy!

We partner with larger venture groups as a ‘scout’ to provide due­-diligence by working with early stage companies on product to help move them quickly to the next major milestone with the goal of de­-risking the investment.

Our bread and butter is taking complex B2B systems and developing a platform that is built to withstand the dynamic and fast-paced nature of your business.

We’ve been getting software to play nicely with hardware for generations and as the IoT space continues to get bigger and bigger, there is no better team to get your tangible items off the ground.

Whether you have the rockstar CTO that needs a little extra dev muscle or a non-technical founder looking for guidance with the complex features of your platform, our team has the experience and resources to fit your needs.



B2B/B2C web Applications
WishPoints launched last year and allows brands in the travel industry to identify and connect with users while they are in the act of sourcing travel destinations. We’ve worked with WishPoints on their main back-end server application, WishPoints businesss site for subscribling businesses, and mobile application.

Enterprise Custom Software
Universal Tranware brought E2G onboard to support with building their next generation taxi dispatch software suite. TA2 is an end-to-end taxi dispatch solution that is white labeled to taxi fleets globally. It leverages real-time geo-located communications between customers, dispatch, and the taxi fleet via multiple web applications and mobile tablets mounted in the driver’s cab.


Custom Hardware Integration
Solo utilizes state of the art 3D scanning hardware by Occipital is able to create 3D models of patient’s feet for custom orthotic insoles. They brought on E2G to not only redesign their original iOS applications but to also take over all development that was needed to release it to their customer.

A feature list is simply just a place to start the conversation about your business goals.

It’s fun to create beautiful apps and websites, but those looks will fade quickly if your product or solution can’t keep up with the needs of your business. We don’t just take your feature list and start building — our team first investigates the industry you operate out of and then works backward to developing your product. With over 35 years of software development experience, our team has seen it all – from the early days of Microsoft to the fast-paced world of mobile, B2B web solutions and IoT. You typically can’t buy experience but in this case, you can!

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The Process

Speed and Impact guide our thought processes when we approach working with early stage companies. The process we have in place is designed to quickly define the development strategy to get your team to its next major milestone.

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